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5 Ways To Successfully Promote Yourself In The South African Music Industry

Promoting yourself in the South African music industry is hard as there are so many talented artists and bands out there at the moment. But if you know how to promote yourself online and using social media, you will quickly make connections and be able to send your music all over the world like a true professional.

Start your music career with these steps…


​1. ​Know Your Audience Well.

Understand your music and the genre you are working in. If you’re a Techno DJ, master knowing the difference between Deep House, Tech House, Electro and all the other sub-genres popping up every month. Know what your target audience want, are currently listening to and what is appealing to the broader international market at any time. Knowing your audience and being able to connect with the right audience on social media will help you book the right venues and sell your music in the right way.


​2. ​Brand Yourself – The Product.

Your music may be the most important thing in becoming successful, but realise that you are also promoting yourself, your personality and your image – you are one entire package. You are the product, and people only want a product that is as appealing as possible. Your brand has to be exciting and spontaneous in order to keep your fans excited about you and your music.


​3. ​Gig.

Play live and play often. You may not always get paid, or paid well for a gig but any and all exposure helps. Everyone has heard a band member or DJ complaining that they can’t get a gig… they’re in it for the money, not the passion. Stay passionate.


​4. ​Post Content on Social Media Regularly.

Social media is your best friend. Also utilise your professional website and websites like SoundCloud to post music that you can’t get onto radio. If it is out there, people will listen, and if it’s good enough, people will share.


​5. ​Have Business Cards On You, Always.

Being a musician (and a brand) is only half the job. Learn to be a businessman and money savvy as well. Sometimes you don’t have your phone or a pen and paper on you, always carry a business card so that people will always have your details in their wallet at any time. People take you more seriously when they see you take yourself seriously.

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