Patrick Mahlangu

Co-founder & MD – Varsity TV

Patrick Mahlangu

Co-founder & MD – Varsity TV


Driven by the ethos “ Never Average, Always Awesome”, Patrick is not an average

young person. He is an avid entrepreneur, influencer and a marketing whiz kid.

Patrick Mahlangu was born in Pretoria, Gauteng and bred in Dennilton,


At age 25, he is the Managing Director of Varsity TV, a campus based TV channel

that has the sole purpose of unearthing youth talent. Outside the entrepreneurship

space, Patrick is also an academic having completed a Bachelors degree in

Information Management and an Honours degree in Marketing Management both

from the University of Johannesburg (UJ). He is now in the process of completing his

Masters in Business Management specialising in marketing at UJ.

Patrick is passionate about marketing and social media and believes that the future

of marketing is social hence his masters dissertation is around social media and big

data. He has created a platform to educate his followers about marketing related

topics and advise on how to build a strong brand through his brand, @PatOnBrands.

He also founded Swaggy Campus Life, a student clothing label which he has since

put on hold to focus on other business endeavours.